Jeff Goldblum Rap Battles James Corden, Rips Him With Meghan Markle-Themed Diss

Nice guy Jeff Goldblum got nasty to destroy James Corden in a rap battle on Monday’s broadcast of “The Late Late Show.”

Corden ripped the “Jurassic Park” star for his sartorial style, accused him of  “overacting” and cracked a joke about how he really got the lead in the 1986 movie “The Fly.”

Goldblum, meanwhile, poked fun at Corden’s roles in “Cats” and “Ocean’s 8,” mocked him for hosting The Tony Awards and unleashed a zinger of a line about the “Crosswalk the Musical” segment on his show.

He also delivered this royally themed gag:

Is there any chance we send him back to the Brits? Why did we trade Meghan Markle for something like this?

Check out the full battle here:

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